Electrosberegaushie tehnologii

Scientific-Technical Center «Tehindustriya» is the only developer, manufacturer and supplier of new generation gidrodempferov for passenger cars GKTSN 667640.012.Razrabatyvaet unique equipment for the recycling of MSW.

Construction company «StroySpetskomplektresurs» was founded in 2001 by professional architects and engineers to provide services and the production of quality works.
The main focus of our company is a capital construction, reconstruction, restoration and repair works, to serve as general contractor on the site, under construction in Moscow and Moscow region.

Design and manufacture of valve disc machines (GMR), and linear motors to drive, bezreduktornyh generators of various capacities. We have a technological advance in the form of the results of experimental design and technological works on more than 40 types of electric machines with capacity from 0,1 to 400 kW

Development of equipment and technology of laser welding, surfacing, surface modification, termouprochneniya and cutting material; unique variosistem for fiber lasers.